Educação em saúde na perspectiva da promoção da saúde em grupo de adolescentes

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Educação em saúde na perspectiva da promoção da saúde em grupo de adolescentes

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Title: Educação em saúde na perspectiva da promoção da saúde em grupo de adolescentes
Author: Pettres, Andréia Assmann
Abstract: This study focused on health education rooted in the ideas of educator Paulo Freire with the teenagers, from the perspective of health promotion. Adolescents as social actors construct certain way of being in the world, with this conception, the realization of an educational practice participatory and dialogic facing criticism and reflection in a collective favors the transformation of their knowledge, fostering opportunities, among other things, to promote their health. The study aimed to analyze the perception of health among adolescents and the educational experiences which foster participation, autonomy and emancipation. This is a qualitative research, exploratory, descriptive, developed with adolescents participants in the action extension "Dramatizing the Children's Literature" having age between 13 and 14 years, the State School of Abigail Santos Correa in Matinhos - Paraná. The approach of the Circle of Culture of Paulo Freire provided that the subjects had difficulty in verbalizing and participation, although the researcher stimulate critical dialogue and reflective. Data analysis by dialectic hermeneutic possible interpretation and understanding, at the same time the possibility of decoupling and critical. Points out the ethical principles in accordance with Resolution 196/96. From the analysis and discussion of the concepts of the disease process by adolescents, it was found that the process was slow and gradual understanding expanded health to meet the social determination, but the autonomy and emancipation were practically null. Considers the importance of the continuity of actions to foster active, emancipated and autonomous subjects.
Description: Dissertação (mestrado) - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Centro de Ciências da Saúde, Programa de Pós-graduação em Saúde Coletiva, Florianópolis, 2013.
Date: 2013

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