Linear cryptanalysis of pseudorandom functions

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Linear cryptanalysis of pseudorandom functions

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Title: Linear cryptanalysis of pseudorandom functions
Author: Freitas, Daniel Santana de; Markowitch, Olivier; Nakahara Jr, Jorge
Abstract: In this paper, we study linear relations propagating across block ciphers from the key input to the ciphertext (for a fixed plaintext block). This is a usual setting of a one-way function, used for instance in modes of operation such as KFB (key feedback). We instantiate the block cipher with the full 16-round DES and $s^2$-DES, 10-round LOKI91 and 24-round Khufu, for which linear relations with high bias are well known. Other interesting targets include the full 8.5-round IDEA and PES ciphers for which high bias linear relations exist under the assumption of weak keys. Consequences of these findings impact the security of modes of operation such as KFB and of pseudorandom number/bit generators. These analyses were possible due to the linear structure and the poor diffusion of the key schedule algorithms. These findings shall motivate carefull (re)design of current and future key schedule algorithms.
Description: Relatório de projeto de pesquisa.
Date: 2015-05-21

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