O cuidado à saúde da pessoa com amputação à luz da bioética

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O cuidado à saúde da pessoa com amputação à luz da bioética

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Title: O cuidado à saúde da pessoa com amputação à luz da bioética
Author: Borges, Ana Maria Fernandes
Abstract: Abstract : Introduction: The assistance offered to amputated people should provide conditions that favor their integration into society, even with the limitations that were awarded. Knowing this population allows the formation/strengthening of public policy actions, in addition to contextualize health assistance to people with amputation. Objectives: To characterize the amputation surgery undertaken in members except limbs between 2008-2010, occurred into the public hospitals in Florianópolis regarding the type of amputation, sex, age, origin, reason of the complication; to analyze the assistance offered by all professionals in the process of amputation in the perspective of the amputated people; to identify the process of assistance to the health of the amputee in the bioethics perspective. Methodology: A qualitative and quantitative research with a descriptive and exploratory approach. Initially we conducted a research through the examination of logs of the surgeries of amputation, except limbs. The main aspects that were evaluated were related to sex, age, type and year of amputation, reasons of complications and source. Then, we interviewed 18 participants, besides looking at the medical records in order to identify the base on the causes, the associated diseases and some previous amputations. For the quantitative analysis of the data we used the statistical program SEstatNET and for the qualitative analysis we used the thematic content analysis. The Ethics Committee under the No. 95,521; approved the study. Results: The results were divided in two manuscripts; the first entitled "Characterization of the amputation surgery undertaken in public hospitals of reference" were performed 206 amputation surgeries except limbs during the study period. OF them 69.4% (143) men, whose average age was 59.7 years. The amputation causes were related to external causes, vascular disease, gangrene, infectious processes, tumors and other diabetic complications. In the second manuscript entitled: "The health care of the amputated person: under the bioethical analysis" of the 18 participants who were interviewed, twelve were men and about 80% (14) of respondents were older than 50 years old, after the transcription and analysis of the collected material, four categories emerged: the process of amputation; the acting of the professional team, the rehabilitation, the acquisition and use of prosthesis. Discussion: In the first manuscript was found that most men are amputated and they are younger than women. External causes were one of the reasons related to amputation and impacts into young adults, the greater the age exists most probabilities of relationship with a chronic degenerative diseases. It is important for health professionals to establish actions that promote health and reduce the rate of complications. The second manuscript shows the possibility of using bioethics as a reflection on the assistance offered to the amputated people and refers to problematize the relationship between the process of health care with available subsidies through public health policies. Those who suffered an amputation experienced some triggered feelings and the performance of the professional team is essential to the recovery of this person. The amputated person must be informed regarding his/her condition so he/she can exercise autonomy. Final Considerations: The Prevention and the health promotion are essential to reduce the level of amputation; it is necessary that educational practices be adopted. Therefore, think about bioethics in the care context enables to think quality care that affects the success of the recovery of the amputated person.
Description: Dissertação (mestrado) - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Centro de Ciências da Saúde, Programa de Pós-Graduação em Enfermagem, Florianópolis, 2013.
URI: https://repositorio.ufsc.br/xmlui/handle/123456789/122925
Date: 2013

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